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Paddle Boarding

One of the fastest, if not the fastest growing water sport is Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  Riders stand on a large paddle board and use a paddle to propel their way across the water.  The sport appeals to a wide range of people.  Younger kids love the play time on the water, athletes appreciate the core workout it provides, and older folks enjoy learning a new sport that is very safe and helps improve stabilizer muscle function needed for balance.  The picture above was shot directly in front of Sea Song.  Imagine warm tropical waters and paddling over tropical fish and turtles in one of the most scenic environments imaginable.

The water directly in front of the property is usually very calm and perfect for learning.  Those wanting further adventure may opt to paddle board from the beach to another island or make the downwind paddle to the world famous Baths.

Stand Up Paddle Boards are included with your rental and can be launched directly from one of the two beaches bordering the property.